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What are the best present ideas for a 14 year old boy?

It was a bright Saturday morning, having gone through a busy and stressful week, am going to sleep till 12 noon I had said to myself the previous night. While I was fast asleep I felt the sun piercing in through the window blind, oh no it was just 8:47am, I still had about three hours more, but the sleep was wearing off and I felt lazy to go close the blind.

I eventually woke up after so many failed attempts to get back to sleep, I looked on the dresser where my phone was and I could see the notification light blinking, but was too tired to get up, don’t confuse my sleepy head for laziness, moving from one end of New York to another can be challenging cause of the ever busy roads, hence my tiredness. I managed to roll over to the other side of the bed to pick my phone, thumb on the metal and it came alive, all thanks to technology, it was a birthday reminder, my little nephew was going to be fourteen the next day which was on a Sunday, really? I shouted in exclamation, swift fly the years. Dragging myself out of bed, it was time to get Jerry something special for his Birthday, I looked to the ceiling with my finger on my lips, what’s the best gift for a 14 year old boy, after 5 minutes of starring at the ceiling I still didn’t get any answer. During our time it was easy, we needed just a Walkman or a Nintendo game boy, those were the biggest and best gifts you could give us while growing up, but today it’s a different ball game, I was running out of time and under pressure, I quickly dialled “Bae’” on my phone, I guess you know who that is, winks!!!, hello baby, my fiancées voice was able to calm me a little, I asked her what I could get for Jerry, she was silent for about 30 seconds, hello you there I asked, her response wasn’t helping, she replied “was that what you called me for”, I apologized and muttered I needed something for him, the birthday is tomorrow, I need to sleep Sherickson, and then she hanged up. Gosh, I had lost my manners, no greetings, no “how was your night”, I deserved that.

best gift for a 14 year old boyI needed something special for him, he was growing fast, these days I don’t know why kids grow so fast, I guess that’s a topic for another day, I jumped into the bathroom, and in seconds I was out, got dressed and how I managed to bath I couldn’t explain, I however knew I had the shower on the whole time and I felt water run down my body. I picked a piece of paper, a pen and off I went. I was going to one of the biggest mall in New York City, The Roosevelt Field, my plan was to look out for boys his age, and watch them closely as to what they buy, I was going to put my military training into use. I honestly lost touch to what seems appealing to this generation of teenagers, they have a long list of items for gifts, ranging from drones, to video games, to types of video games, PS4, XBOX ONE, NINTENDO SWITCH etc. and thousands of video games genres to pick from, during out time, it was just Nintendo soccer or mortal combat.

As I walked into the mall ideas started popping into my head, so I walked into a coffee shop to enable me compile a list, the idea was to have a list and then streamline it into a final three, my list looked exactly like this, putting into consideration Jerry’s personality.

The new Nike Air Max or Jordan sneakers, Sunglass with Wristwatch, a Play Station 4, an Amazon tablet, the Amazon echo dot, a customized jersey of his favourite Football club, the famous Beats by Dre headphone, a Camera, a Drone with camera, the Xbox one, an iPad, the Nintendo switch, I Baseball hat, books, Academic tablets, Ticket to watch a game etc. couldn’t call his mum to know what he really likes, that will ruin the plan, so I went on and on and on with the list, the longer I went the more confused I was, I needed to give my nephew something he will cherish for a long time, I had been absent from his life after been deployed to Iraq for a mission to serve, I needed something to bring us closer, something to make him proud of his big uncle, I needed to break the bank for him, but I was running out of ideas, suddenly I paused for a moment, what of a laptop that could play games, yes a gaming laptop, it was going to serve him better, do his school stuff and at the same time play games 2 IN 1, check up!!! I tore my long list, with a big smile on my face I knew this was the bomb, and I hoped Jerry was going to love it, I went looking for a gaming laptop, something powerful enough and not extremely expensive. I finally laid my hands on one, it was the “HP Omen 15 Gaming Laptop” in the region of $880, that’s quite high, but for my nephew who I haven’t gotten something for since he was 8, the price was inconsequential , I needed to make it big, and hopefully he loves it, I added two games to it, all thanks to the staff at the store, the young man recommended Fortnite and far cry 5, and emphasised that gaming PC, was the big thing for this generation of teenagers, included in the pack was a pair of gamepad, I got them wrapped, and headed home like a S.W.A.T agent on a mission.

perfect gift for 14 yo teen boyThen came the big day, my sister had briefed me earlier about a small party organized for four, and I was there by 3:55pm, the house was quite filled up, went around and exchanged pleasantries and greetings with my cousins, old friends and family members, jerry rushed to me and hugged me, just to thank me for coming, he was excited to see me, happy birthday boy I muttered as I hugged him, but there was a bigger surprise coming, shortly afterwards I headed for the car, as I walked towards the car, my heart beat went faster, anyone could hear it from a mile, I grabbed his gift, hope he loves it, what if he doesn’t, over $800 would be wasted, what if he was a nerd, will the store accept a refund, I didn’t even read their terms and condition, several questions rushed down my mind within 60 seconds, at that moment my brain worked faster than Jerry’s new laptop, I walked back in and presented him his gift, he smiled , thanks uncle, and rushed to his room, immediately i got a glass of wine just to calm myself, my hands kept shaking like someone who had Parkinson, that few minutes before he showed back up was the longest moment I have had in a while, as he came out, he looked gloomy and silent, I felt defeated, I should have just gotten him a t-shirt or a wrist watch, or better still a sneakers, suddenly he rushed towards me screaming and shouting, he tried to lift me up, I am about 200lb, what the hell, he was more than excited, do you like it boy, he screamed I love it uncle shy (my nick name from the military, almost everyone had an alias in the military), a big smile enveloped me, that’s the best gift I have had all my life uncle, he screamed in front of the guest, everyone felt low and amazed, including his parents, what could be the gift that got Jerry mad. Well who cares, certainly not me, I am the big uncle, no one does it like big shy, we hugged and I advised him to ensure he uses it also for school works, before I could say jack he was out of site, and the living room felt empty, everyone was in his room to see uncle shy’s gift…… was the bomb.

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