Misunderstandings always happen in relationships, and as bitter as they can get, they can also bring couples closer when they realize their mistakes. Women are sweet, emotional creatures and when you have done them wrong, words go a long way in softening their hearts. But getting the perfect gift to go with it will have their heart totally, irrevocably melting. Here are some of the most effective gifts to give your apology the punch it needs to make her forgive and forget.


This is number one on the standard scale for apologizing. Flowers literally say all the words you want and adding a nice sweet note to it will do the trick nicely. Order a bouquet of your woman’s favorite flowers and have them delivered to her office or home. It sets the pace for you to be able to offer an oral apology later on.
If she doesn’t have a favorite flower, roses, orchids and tulips are great flowers for apologizing.


This is a classic favorite that most men don’t think of. Scuffle the internet for nice songs that speak your heart. Download and burn them into a disk or just put them on an I-pod. It will be great if you could look for apology songs in the genre of music she likes. Because of the effort and thoughtfulness that goes into a personal playlist, your girl will melt into butter. You can name the playlist something special and funny.

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As a rule, a girl cannot have too much jewellery. Look for something unique for her, be it a pair of cute earrings or an elegant neckpiece. I personally think bracelets are great for apologizing but you should go with what your woman likes best. It will help if you are sensitive to what she does. You may want to get something inconspicuous for your engineer lady rather than a flashy necklace.
You will be getting a bonus point for paying extra attention.


This is the ultimate gush weapon. Chocolates are a girl’s best friend. Just get a box (or more) of nicely wrapped chocolates. Attach a cheesy note and send it off. Thank me later.

Just make sure your girl is not on a diet. Otherwise, you may become the devil for dangling the meat in front of a chained lion.


If you have done something really big, love coupons may save you. This will be especially nice if your girl is all sweet and romantic.

You could create love coupons with different activities and have them delivered to her. Include things like; sing for me, an expensive restaurant date, go to the beach and any other thing you know she fancies. She can select one at random for you to fulfill when she likes.

By the times she is done using all six or twelve of the coupons you send, she won’t even remember exactly why you sent the coupons in the first place.


Nothing says I am sorry like a personal touch. You don’t have to be an artist or anything. All you need are cardboards, pencils, scissors, color pencils or posters and stamps. Putting in hours, your handwriting and carefully cutting a card shows that you are not just looking for the misunderstanding to be over, but that you also recognize where things went wrong. It basically says “Like I worked on this card myself, I am willing to also work on a better us from now on.”

You can make the front cover really funny and write something meaningful and deep inside.


No matter what they say, girls don’t grow too old for teddy bears. Find a really adorable recorder teddy bear and record an apology message inside it. She gets to play it whenever she thinks about the misunderstanding and she is instantly calmed. And she gets to hug it or beat it up, pretending it’s you. Nice conflict aversion method.
And this is useful for not just the immediate offence but one you may commit later on.


Shoes are highly underrated apology gifts. Any woman loves a good, sturdy pair of heels. And if you have the money, splurge on the shoes a little. Choose something to her taste and have it wrapped up nicely. Then put in a thoughtful message that praises her instead of the shoes. There is no way her anger can survive this smart weapon.

Regardless of which of these gifts you end up choosing, remember that humility and sincerity are the plates on which they are served. A woman needs to see that you recognize the problem and are willing to work with her to make things right. Gifts are just the icing on the cake to prove that.




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