7 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Child’s Preschool Teacher

7 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Child’s Preschool Teacher

It is the beginning of a new year, and the apple of your eye just started his or her first day in school. It comes with so many reactions: what with the excitement or mixed reactions: a new environment, strange faces, new kid friends, scribbling what the teacher says…or he just hates being left alone in the midst of strange people and wishes to follow you back home. But who will make the kid remain in school, and enjoy the new phase in his life? The preschool teacher. All the year long, she/he has struggled to make your kid yearn for the next day in the same school. Then comes the adage: ways to show appreciation for your child’s preschool teacher.

Appreciation Options

Although he/she is contented and loves the profession, little validation from you further enhances his experience. This does not have to break the bank, but with a proper planning, you can get the right ways to show appreciation for your child’s preschool teacher. Consider the following ways:

Letters or Cards

You can write a personalized letter or card to the teacher. It will be more effective than a generic bought card. A handwritten letter showing your heartfelt gratitude will impress him more than just money. It holds in her memory for years to come and inspires him to do more. You can use a formal language, and express your appreciation and admiration for the way they worked to your kid’s benefit. Thank the teacher for his wonderful service, and promise to cooperate with him for the best outcome.

Consider an Event

Several events such as Teacher Appreciation Week can warrant an appreciation for him/her. In such a case, you will have an opportunity to devise ways to show an appreciation for your child’s preschool teacher, but this may be dictated by the event’s programme and guidelines. If there is a pre-planned collective appreciation method, then you can be involved, but if it is an individual initiative, you can devise your own appreciation way. Usually, this is an appropriate time because an appreciation is expected.


Individual parents can present their gifts to the teacher, or parents can collectively present their gifts as a group. If on an individual level, several gifts abound. These will be made effective if you have prior information about the teacher’s preference. This will ensure that you get a perfect gift.

If in a group, you can organize the gift as parents in the kindergarten school, and decide on an appropriate gift for your children’s preschool teacher. A gift card to the preferred shop such as a bookstore can work wonders.  Parents can pool their finances, and prepare a gift to the teacher with an accompanying card with the names of the parents involved. Most importantly, gifts do not have to be expensive. It is the thought and cares that matter.


Some flowers such as cosmos, chives and begonias are easy to grow in a pot, and your appreciation will remain throughout the season. A clever potted plant embellishes the gift more and can be bought too. DIY flower pens customized for your child’s teacher is also a suitable appreciation. It can contain a card showing your gratitude. They can also be desk plants in well-arranged pots. Fresh-cut flowers are costly, but if you can collaborate with another parent, you can buy it for the teacher then include a thank you note.

Social Media

You can post a positive review of your child’s teacher in the social media. This can be in the form of an appreciation letter. If you prefer, it can be done after an event in the school, where you post the review and include a snap where you, the teacher and your child appear or a group photograph. This will let the teacher and everyone else know that you appreciate his positive impact on your child’s education.

Books and School Supplies

Preschool teachers appreciate new children’s books to be used in the classrooms. If you buy a new book, your child can sign the inside cover. If you can also get the teacher’s favorite author, you can get him a new book.

For school supplies, the school always come in handy. However, these are never enough, and teachers always appreciate extra supply. You can buy essentials like pens, highlighters, and sharpies, put them in an appropriate container, and present them. Some teachers buy their classroom supplies from their own money. So, you can collectively buy supplies for a whole year to appreciate them.

Nurture Your Children Well

Definitely, this is the best. If your child is trouble-free, respectful and excited to learn, it will be easier for the teacher to work. If not, work with the teacher to make sure your child is well-behaved. Play your role at home – nurture your child to grow up to be responsible and useful. And how do you do that? Start when he is in preschool.


Your child’s preschool teacher does the heavy work of nurturing your child in various ways including intellectually, academically and emotionally. Also, he spends more time with your child except during holidays. Teachers do work to receive gifts because they are content with the outcomes of their hard work – your child’s progress.  However, if you choose to appreciate them, use the most appropriate way which will impress them, and inspire them to do more. This is because there are different ways to show appreciation for your child’s preschool teacher.


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